Equity In Tech - Sankofa School of Success Partnership

Equity: the ability to meet people where they are with the intention of helping them move forward.

This approach is very important and only possible when we have the experiences that help us understand.

Understanding is the space in which we must create from. This is where I create from as a founder….my experiences—what I’ve learned to understand.

The world is a diverse place where alll experiences matter. This is why I founded Fight for Life Foundation, to serve those who have life experiences and circumstances that are similar to what I experienced. The expression of a solution to solve the problems I faced. This is why Building Dreams exists.

I’m a black founder of a SaaS platform expressing to you as we celebrate Black History Month—remember that equity in tech is essential for the diverse world we live within.

Hear from Dr. Tihesha Henderson in the video below why she was open to Marlin Jackson and the Building Dreams platform!

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