Fight for Life Foundation is Now Working Paramount with Schools of Excellence Englewood

The Fight for Life Foundation has landed a new Building Dreams pilot program with Paramount Schools of Excellence Englewood. PSOE has been disappointed with another PBIS management system and all teachers abandoned usage and started utilizing clip charts. Through a Discovery meeting in November, we were able to Identify 5 features of Building Dreams for their Recovery Team to pilot.

  1. Check in/out
  2. Emotion Exploration
  3. PBIS Sack/Behavior Intervention with Sack Reflection Restorative Practice
  4. My Plans
  5. SEL Video Resource Library

The Recovery Team consists of the following members:

  1. Dean
  2. 1 Counselor
  3. 2 Therapists
  4. 1 Teacher
  5. 50+ students

We’ve taken Paramount Schools of Excellence recovery team through the Discovery and Onboarding phases of our Proven Process. The PSOE recovery team has now been in the Training phase over break and preparing to launch Implementation after winter break. All staff members and students have been onboarded to the system and we are excited to begin working with one of the top charter school networks in the state of Indiana.

Paramount Englewood School

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