Finding Our Identity at Fight for Life

Finding Our Identity

As we live, we learn, as we apply what we’ve learned, we grow! To quote the great societal influencer and business mogul Jay Z, “A loss, ain’t a loss, it’s a lesson!” This is the mindset we embrace at the Fight for Life Foundation – a Growth Mindset! Learning from our experiences and building our Self Awareness has improved how we manage our relationships and operations. What has been birthed from our losses has been a deeper understanding of self, what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we work! As we elevate to the next level of our existence, we would like to share with our network what has been established as guidelines and principals that anchor our work of Advocating for Quality in Life!

Cultural Expectations

  1. We Consider the Perspective of Others and value diversity.
  2. We Treat others the way we want to be treated.
  3. We do what we say we will do.
  4. We practice what we teach.
  5. We give our best effort to all of work.
  6. We are direct, open, and honest in communication.
  7. We lean into Challenges understanding that’s how we grow.
  8. We receive feedback when it is necessary and constructive.
  9. We acknowledge failures and find opportunities for growth.
  10. We celebrate success and never become complacent.

How We Work


  • We ask questions to gain understanding
  • We have a research approach in our operational function. We collect information, analyze and review, find outcomes, and move forward accordingly
  • We uses the words “we”, “us”
  • Value and welcome collaboration, with the belief that it creates a better product, delivery and overall success
  • We use active listening to understand
  • Working on a team provides accountability in relationships


  • Ask questions to support innovation in real time, such as “Have you thought about X?”, “Have you talked to X”
  • Ability to pivot and be nimble
  • Value making something better and desire to build something new
  • Be problem solvers and discover “opportunities for innovation”


  • Utilize systems in place to track work progress and timelines
  • Self advocacy and ownership of mistakes (with desired support that is needed and communicates with team)

Operational Anchors

Communication: Builds trust with clients, the team and other key stakeholders; encourages and seeks feedback, shares information within the team, and is able to address and overcome objection.

Collaboration: Build productive working relationships with team members and clients, demonstrating a high level of cooperation and mutual respect.

Customer and Team Focused: Builds and maintains customer and team relationships for optimal satisfaction and experience with the products and services offered.

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