Former Colts Player Launches Program to Help Develop Life Skills in the Classroom

Source: Fox59 News | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 9/25/2023 –

Former Colts defensive back Marlin Jackson may have hung up his helmet, but he’s still making a big impact in Indianapolis.

Jackson’s foundation, Fight For Life, launched a software program used in schools to help cultivate social and emotional development.

The program, Building Dreams, was inspired by Jackson’s childhood experiences and his road to success in the NFL.

Now this computer program is helping kids tackle social and emotional stressors and finding ways to navigate to a successful future.

Students at Phalen Leadership Academy in Indianapolis can now score touchdowns for good behavior and throw flags on their peers who are misbehaving or being disruptive through Building Dreams.

“So when they do their check-ins or throw flags that notification is sent to the teachers and also myself so if it is necessary for myself or them to check in with that student we are able to do that,” said Kayla Wood, city connect site coordinator at Phalen Leadership Academy 93.

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