How Can Parents Use Building Dreams?

Getting parents (or guardians) tapped into their child’s school day is complex! There are so many barriers that come into play with parent engagement, including their work schedules, their access to the internet, and their personal feelings and experiences during their own K-12 experience. While parent engagement comes with barriers, we must continue to close gaps in the communication between home and school. Through closing those gaps, we can easily build rapport, gain trust, and foster relationships with our students’ adults at home.

Parents want to be engaged in their child’s schooling, but with the ever-changing technology and methodologies, it’s a lot of work. Let’s make it easy on our parents and onboard them onto Building Dreams, so they can stay tapped into the school day, no matter what obstacles they face.

Parents are able to access their child’s behavior (both positive and negative) and see what character traits their child expresses at school around peers and school staff. Parents can set up meetings and message teachers directly through the platform. They can request a language interpreter through our partnership with LUNA Language Services, and the parent users can change the language settings on Building Dreams from English to Spanish.

Reach out to Anna at or Taylor at for more information on how schools can engage parents through our Building Dreams web app.




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