IPS School Utilizes New Game to Prevent Bullying, Promote Safer Environment

Source: WRTV | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 10/30/2023 –

An Indianapolis public school is using a new approach to help address the issue of bullying in its school.

Fredrick Douglass School 19, a K-8 school, is using a new software program to help students make anonymous reports about how they’re feeling throughout the day.

“Now we are able to go into the system and release what’s inside us and a leader will show up immediately,” former Indianapolis Colt Marlin Jackson said.

The program and gaming software was created by Jackson’s foundation, Building Dreams.

“This platform anonymously tells us what’s going on with their lives so then, as a staff, we are better prepared to handle their situation,” Jackson said.

Just like in football, kids can throw flags for themselves or their peers to share something they’re going thorough.

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