On This Online Platform, Kids Can Help Stop the Bullying

Source: Mirror Indy | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 6/24/2024 –

Constantine Kaminski has experienced bullying at school. When he was in second grade, it got so bad his mom noticed the difference in his attitude and, worried about a lack of understanding from his teachers, decided to pull him from his school.

That’s how the 12-year-old who just finished sixth grade at his new school, Phalen Leadership Academy at George H. Fisher School 93, knew when to speak up on behalf of another student he worried about. But sharing a concern face-to-face with an adult can sometimes be scary, Constantine told Mirror Indy. And he’d been bullied before for speaking up at school, his mom said. That’s why Constantine prefers technology.

Using the Fight for Life Foundation’s online behavioral health platform, the pre-teen brought his concerns to teachers not once but twice. He let them know about his worries for his classmate’s mental health and, on a separate occasion, alerted them to a student whose behavior in class distracted others who were trying to learn.

“I encourage every other kid to use it,” Constantine said about the platform, called Building Dreams. “It’s really helpful.”

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