Revolutionizing Education: Unveiling the Powerful Analytics Dashboard in Building Dreams

The Analytics Dashboard feature in Building Dreams is definitely one of the main features that gets users’ attention during our tech demos. Our Analytics Dashboard is robust, and it offers our schools and educators the data they need in order to make the best decisions for their school building, classrooms, and students.

If you talk to any educator, they will let you know just how frustrating it is to pull data reports from certain Student Information Systems (SIS) like PowerSchool or Skyward. Typically, you have to contact someone else outside of your building in order to figure out how to pull a simple demographics report. Well, not with Building Dreams, you don’t! With a click of a button, our users are able to create clean, color-coded graphs that help show the needs in their buildings. The best part? It’s using data that is directly inputted by the teachers, administrators, and students themselves!

The Analytics Dashboard encourages teachers to advocate for the needs in their classroom and have the data they need in order to support their needs. We’ve heard that many teachers will print out the Behavior tab for each student during Parent/Teacher conferencing or when they have to make a phone call home. It’s easy to have all of your student’s information on one sheet so you can have a targeted & identified approach to solving the needs of that student.

We also hear a lot of excitement around the Behavior tab in regards to the MTSS structure. Many schools are looking for ways to ditch the Google Sheets and have a system that filters their students into tiered groups for targeted supports and interventions. With our Behavior tab, the Analytics Dashboard will automatically filter all students and classrooms into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 groups. This takes time away from a student supports team to indicate which students and classrooms are at risk.

You may think, “Hmm… how did Fight for Life Foundation make this Analytics Dashboard so cool?” Well, we’re happy you asked. The entire Analytics Dashboard was made in partnership with Dr. Francis Bowen & team at Butler University. Butler University continues to be a partner for Fight for Life Foundation, and we are incredibly proud to show off the work! We are looking forward to the evolution of the data features in Building Dreams.

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