School Spotlight: Sankofa School of Success Spotlight

All smiles and full hearts are the words I would use to express the feelings within the moments we were able to share with Sankofa School of Success students and staff members during our School Partner Spotlight visit. Our relationship with Sankofa runs deep, all the way back to 2019 when Dr. Tihesha Henderson and I were connected through our relationship with Community Health Network. Since that time we have partnered to positively impact students, educators, and families that are a part of the Sankofa School of Success community.

Our visit captured the care, joy, and passion that fills the hallways and classrooms in the building. Everyone that we engaged with had genuine smiles, words of gratitude, respect, and even a few tears of joy. What we continue to take away from our interactions with school partners is that Relationships are what matter most! How we nurture, teach, and support students, educators, and families is how we develop stronger students, build community in classrooms, and create healthier schools. As the Fight for opportunity in Life continues, we stand firmly in the corner of underserved students, families, and educators by providing resources that develop the ability to cope and thrive in life.

Hear from the school how Fight for Life has impacted Sankofa School of Success!

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