Start Gathering Social & Emotional Data Now - Here’s How

Source: illuminate education | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 5/1/2022 –

The importance of measuring and teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies cannot be overstated. In fact, it is clearly emerging as one of the most effective ways to develop psychologically healthy and productive young people and adults.

Furthermore, the extent to which we ignore SEL, we increase the likelihood that students will further disengage from learning. SEL has been defined as the fostering of social and emotional competencies through explicit instruction and through student-centered learning approaches that help students engage in the learning process and develop analytical, communication and collaborative skills.

But how does one actually begin the process of measuring and gathering data related to SEL?

As Susanne Denham notes, “Assessment is an integral, indispensable part of implementing an SEL program and must include (1) clear goals and benchmarks (i.e., standards) for children’s SEL progress; (2) evidence-based curricula and instruction, along with support for teachers to implement such programming, so that such standards may be met; and (3) universal and targeted screening and progress monitoring (formative, interim, and summative).”

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