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Source: As published in MORE Magazine, Issue VIII: Beauty | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 4/16/2024 –

Former NFL Superbowl winner Marlin Jackson played multiple positions in a successful career for two teams. Although no longer lining up on the field of play, he now suits up to tackle a different game of play. Marlin has transitioned from professional sports to prioritizing social and emotional learning. Taking what he learned as an athlete and witnessing the beauty that came from trust in team players, we dive deep into how businesses and organizations thrive when they have the ability to partner with trust and confidence in one another.

Starting his NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts as a first round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, Marlin finished his time in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. (Worth noting as an Indianapolis-based publication, Marlin was on the Superbowl XVI Championship team when the city won over the Chicago Bears in 2007.)

Since leaving sports Jackson has taken a larger role in being part of the resources youth and public schools in Indianapolis have access to. Marlin is on a mission to create opportunities for educators and schools to impact kids’ lives and transform their schools with social-emotional learning [SEL] programs that help make a difference.

The Fight for Life Foundation was founded in 2007, lead by Marlin and his understanding the influence of sports when it comes to overcoming adversity, adversity, building relationships, finding confidence, and learning how to believe in yourself and others. He shares. “The first initiative we launched was the Seal the Deal Youth Football Camp which provided an opportunity for youth to engage in physical fitness team building and relationship building. Building on the concept of football we launched the Field of Dreams program in partnership with Shepherd Community Center located in Indianapolis. This program incentivizes students by tracking behavior at the community center and rewarding students for positive behavior.”

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