Study Finds Educators Notice an Uptick in Violence, Harassment, Threats at School

Source: Fox59 Indianapolis | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 4/22/2022 –

Indiana educators say there is a concerning trend happening in schools. There’s an increase in reports of violence among students and violence directed at school personnel.

It’s a nationwide problem. The American Psychological Association surveyed thousands of teachers, administrators and staff across the country while many schools were operating online or hybrid.

It found roughly one-third of teachers report they’ve experienced at least one incident of verbal harassment or threat of violence from students and 29 percent report at least one incident from a parent during the pandemic.

The Indiana State Teachers Association told us, it’s heard from teachers here who have noticed the trend. President Keith Gambill believes there are a number of factors, including the pandemic, the challenge of bouncing between virtual and in-person learning, and adjustments to programs students participate in.

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