Taylor Massey - 'MY Fight for Life'

After exiting the classroom in December, following nearly 7 years in education, I found myself scrolling through LinkedIn and Indeed for my next journey. I remember applying to a few positions that I thought would be interesting and for the sake of income. In January, while I was in the car coming back from my hometown, I saw the job opening for Implementation Specialist at Fight For Life. I read the description to my husband, and while trying not to get too excited about the connections to my former positions and what I was passionate about, I knew I had to apply.

I received a phone interview and felt more excited with each step in the interview process. Next, I had a Zoom interview, which further heightened my excitement and determination to secure this role. I found out that I made it to the next round, which was an in-person interview. I remember how nervous I was walking into it, but quickly realized how human and down-to-earth Anna and Marlin both were. They were genuine, transparent, and encouraging during my interview.

Somehow, the stars aligned, and I remember Marlin Jackson calling me to offer me the position. The excitement, relief, and gratitude that washed over me were overwhelming. I thought, “There is no way I am getting this position. It seems too good to be true.”

But here I am, writing this in March to confirm, it is just as good as it seemed, somehow even better. I remember that feeling of getting my first teaching job—I cried during that first offer. Once I left education, I was terrified I would never feel that way again about a job. I can testify today that it is possible to have more than one dream job in a lifetime because here I am living in my second one. Many tears of joy have been shed over this position and the fact that I get to be a part of this incredible team/foundation.

Marlin and Anna have welcomed me with open arms. They’ve made the onboarding process seamless. They have been transparent and supportive at each step of the way as I make this transition. Their openness, their passion for the work we do, and the genuineness of being student-centered shine through. I am honored to be a part of this team, this foundation, and what they stand for. They are truly student-centered, and each move we make is with students at the forefront.

In the first few meetings, we discussed what it means to “Fight For Life.” We discussed that we are advocating for the quality of life. The Fight is for the opportunity to reach our full potential in life. Fight For Life doesn’t just talk the talk—they walk the walk with this mission. Becoming FFL’s Implementation Specialist had quite literally given me MY life back. I get to go to work each day excited, at peace, knowing I am walking into a healthy workplace. I feel like a brand new person in this role while still being able to serve the educators and students of Indianapolis, where my passion still resides.

I don’t live for “school breaks” or the weekend anymore. I live for each day. I move with a purpose. I’m given the opportunity to be creative in this space and with my role. I am respected, and my voice is heard equally at the table. Looking back at my journey through education, it feels like this is where I am supposed to be. There has been an invisible string guiding me along the way to this exact spot. I am excited to grow and learn alongside Marlin and Anna and grateful each day for this opportunity they’ve given me.

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