Thank You For Your Support in 2023

What a year it’s been for the Fight for Life Foundation! There have been many peaks and valleys, but we have remained steadfast in executing our mission and reaching our goals! We began the year focused on refining our systems and processes, maintaining our current clients, and growing our programmatic reach, operations infrastructure, and revenue generation.

I am happy to report that the year has been a huge success! New onboarding and training procedures were created, we managed our current relationships with understanding and care, and increased our partnerships with schools, summer learning sites, and youth development organizations. As we head toward 2024 we have clarity in our vision and principles.

We are a social services organization executing its mission through Ed tech Software as a Service that is relationship focused and impact driven. As an organization we believe in collaboration, accountability, and innovation, and we are committed to equity and intentionality in our team. Perspective, humility, creativity, and passion are our core values and the soul of the organization and helps to keep us anchored in why we do this work.

As we enter the next level of our work, we hope that you will stick with us! It’s been an awesome journey of exploration, discovery, and growth—and we are just getting started! Together we can be the change we want to see in the world, by putting youth, families, and educators first. Through a student centered approach we will continue to build stronger classrooms to create healthier schools and communities.

Thank you for choosing to take this ride with us!


Marlin Jackson

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