Tips for students, parents, and educators to have a great school year

Source: WISHTV | Repost Fight for Life Foundation 8/29/2023 –

As students prepare to go back to school this fall, it’s important for families and educators to help them transition. Today on Life.Style.Live! Ruth Hurrle, principal of Indiana Math & Science Academy North, and Marlin Jackson, Fight for Life founder and CEO, shared tips to make this school year a success.

Here are some back to school tips for parents:

  • Know your child’s guidance counselor
  • Follow the graduation tracks
  • Ask about dual-college credits and trade certifications
  • Take college tours
  • Hold your child accountable, but also listen to their concerns

Here are some back to school tips for students and educators:

  • Reflect on self awareness
  • Consider social awareness and relational skills
  • Understand the impact of decision making

The Indiana Math & Science Academy North is a public charter school serving children in grades K-12. The school’s mission is to provide a safe and enriching learning environment where the whole student is nurtured and developed.

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